Medical Device Manufacturing

ISO 13485:2016

This Division focuses on the innovative application of leading-edge machining and process technologies to produce implants, instruments for orthopaedic surgery and critical components for vascular and endocrine delivery systems.

Manufacturing Experience
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For more than twenty-five years we have been working with the world’s leading orthopaedic and vascular device manufacturers.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of these sectors extends from advanced machining technology through to essential finishing, cleaning, assembly and packaging processes.
Advanced Technology
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As well as providing the best available CNC machining technology, our strategic capital investment policy extends to the entire manufacturing process.

Automation is extensively used in material and parts handling, inspection and metrology, finishing, cleaning and assembly, thus ensuring that even the most complex parts can be produced at highly competitive cost.
machines on shop floor
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With over 70 highly sophisticated CNC machining centres, our volume production capability is flexible and efficient. Complex components can be produced from a wide range of medical-grade materials and fed through downstream processes such as laser marking, passivation, assembly and packaging. Whatever the requirement, our flexible manufacturing division is equipped to respond, including the option of project-specific capital investment.
Business Management Systems
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Employing a state-of-the-art integrated ERP system, full manufacturing batch and material traceability is maintained in line with all customer and regulatory requirements.

Equally sophisticated systems are used to manage Quality, Maintenance and Training as well as facilitating long-term record storage.
Medical Grade Materials
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Our processes are fully capable of handling a wide variety of medical grade materials such as Titanium Ti6Al4Veli (Titanium Alloy), 17-4ph (Stainless Steel), Vitallium (Cobalt Chrome), Peek, Polycarbonate, and many more.
Global Exports
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We supply customer sites worldwide and as members of the EU, Ireland enjoys full seamless access to the European Single Market.

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Medical Device Manufacturing Team

Medical Device Manufacturing Team


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