Custom Tooling, Design and Prototyping

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This division specialises in the design and manufacture of tooling and process equipment used in the production of minimally invasive vascular and endocrine systems and pre-production prototyping of a range of medical devices.

Rapid Prototyping
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From concept to realisation, our highly experienced Design and Prototyping Team works closely with customers to create both products and manufacturing aids.

Employing CAD/CAM systems, additive manufacturing and multi-axis machining methods to reduce product development time, the in-house capability to rapidly deliver prototypes is a key service offering.
Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)
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With their extensive manufacturing experience, our Design and Prototyping Team will not only create designs that are cost-effective but by applying the principles of DFMA will also ensure that they make a seamless transition into production.
Equipment Design and Manufacture
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Utilising our expertise, client production and assembly processes are optimised through the design and manufacture of custom equipment solutions.
Multi Axis CNC Machining
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Increasingly complex parts can be cost-effectively produced using advanced multi-axis CNC machining centres incorporating “one-hit” milling and turning methods.
No Obligation Quotation
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For pre-designed items, we will provide a FREE QUOTATION. Submit your engineering drawings via the Custom Design and Prototyping Button on the Contact Us page.

To discuss a prototype development, please contact our Design and Prototyping Team on the Contact Us page.

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Custom Tooling, Design and Prototyping Team

Custom Tooling, Design and Prototyping Team


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